ceramic tiles tiling company laying tiles tile care south africa
ceramic tiles tiling company laying tiles care south africa


Tile advice and tiling company

Laying ceramic tiles

The support surface must be perfectly clean, free from dust, paint, scraps, grease and oil, friable or easily removed materials, etc. Very careful washing of the surface where the tiles will go is advisable before tile laying; in many cases simple cleaning with a broom may not be sufficient. When the tiles are to be laid with cement mortars, the support surface must first be wet with clean water to avoid later on the possibility that the tile surface itself extracts part of the water from the mortar necessary for setting and hardening. The support surface must also be chemically compatible with the binder which is to be applied. For example, if the surface to be tiled contains gypsum, as is the case with plasterboard panels and other types of lightweight vertical partitions, and cement-based binders or adhesives are to be used, it is necessary to first treat the surface with a primer; otherwise the chemical reaction between the gypsum in the surface and the cementing component would have a negative effect on both the strength of adhesion and cohesion of the ceramic tile bed itself.

Tile care

Some advice on caring for your tiles: Use appropriate detergents, such as standard commercial ceramic tile care products. In particular, avoid using acid based detergents that are very harsh and corrosive, such as those used for removing scaling from lavatories. Even if they do not damage the tiles, acids of this type could damage cement based grouting. Also remember that only grouts made of epoxy materials have good resistance to chemical corrosion.

Ceramic tile advice

We will advise you on the specification of ceramic tiles suitable for the various conditions in and around the house and office. Information on tile care and treatment is offered, and on the correct procedure for laying the tiles to enhance their appearance. We pride ourselves on the personal service, and offer the best value for money in town. (Universal Ceramics company has 30 years experience in the ceramic industry.)


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